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At The Speech Room, Kim Christensen provides speech and language screenings, evaluations and therapy services to children ages 1-18 as well as accent reduction classes for adults. Services can be provided in-person at Kim's home office in Santa Barbara, CA or online via Zoom. Please contact us for our current private pay fee schedule. We are in-network with HealthNet PPO and all Blue Cross and Blue Shield PPO plans. 


A speech therapist and a young child playing with toy ice cream during play-based therapy.

Little Kids

For the youngest learners, evaluations and therapy are highly play-based. Play is a language all children speak and it is how they learn, process their world, and grow. Services start with an evaluation to determine your child’s strengths and areas for growth. For children under three, the evaluation consists heavily of observation through play, parent interview and completion of parent questionnaires. Most children three and older will participate in some structured standardized testing in addition to play-based assessment activities. The results of your child’s evaluation will be used to develop a treatment plan which will outline goals to be worked on in your child’s therapy sessions. Request an appointment.

A speech therapist conducting a standardized test with a student during a speech and language evaluation.

Big Kids

For school-aged children, the process begins with a detailed evaluation which will identify your child’s communication strengths and areas for growth through intake questionnaires, formal standardized testing and informal assessment measures. The results of your child’s evaluation will be used to design recommendations and a treatment plan which outlines goals to be targeted in therapy. Sometimes therapy looks more like “work” and sometimes it looks more like “play”, but it is always goal-driven and individualized to your child’s specific needs and interests. We strive to make the sessions fun and motivating for students, because everyone learns better when they are having a good time! Request an appointment.

Telehealth, virtual speech therapy, online speech therapy. A speech therapist seated in her office smiling at the computer during a Zoom accent reduction appointment.


Accent reduction classes are offered for adults in-person in Santa Barbara or on Zoom worldwide. While accent reduction is not therapy, it utilizes Kim’s deep knowledge of speech science and therapeutic techniques to support adults who have a personal goal of improving the clarity of their speech when using English as a second (or third!) language. Accent reduction courses focus on teaching learners to speak English in the American cultural style. Request a consultation.

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